Where I Live: Updated

Our farm is situated in the south-eastern part of Ontario. It is the first and only farm I've ever lived on, and believe it or not, I am, relatively, a novice farmer. (That's what makes almost everything so hilarious and heart-touching at the same time.) Our farm consists of rolling hills and patches of forest, and in front of the lovely and quaint farmhouse, across the road, are the barn and sheds. 
The gently sloping hills are a winter-time favourite with everyone as they are perfect for tobogganing, sledding, or simply sliding. I like them through all the seasons, for they are dotted with trees, providing a suitable place from where one can spy, reconnoiter, and watch the world without being seen.
The small patches of trees remain unnoticed and uncared for until we start collecting wood for the winter. But the big patch behind the house, the main forest, or bush as some call it, is our special playground. There we can play hide-and-seek or search-for-the-hidden-object. Someti…

Simba: Meeting Stripe and Getting Settled

Here I present the next part of Simba's story. The conversation between the felines is obviously made up; however, I feel that there is some truth in what I imagine must have transpired between Simba and Stripe during their first meeting and later during their time together. Enjoy! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
When I woke up, the afternoon sun was streaming in. The sound of bugs buzzing and birds singing reached me through the open windows. I yawned, stretched, and rolled over. Everything was peaceful and quiet. I watched the dust specks floating in the sun for a while. Then I got bored, so I looked around.
The fire was out and the humans weren’t nearby. The grey cat wasn’t there either. I felt stronger and slowly, I stood up. My legs wobbled but I didn’t fall down. I took a few steps. I was on something soft. I walked over to the edge and looked down. Whoa! The ground was very far away an…

First came Laddie, then followed Coco, and now ... Popcorn 🤔

Now that lambing season is over and I am sure that I will not have any more lambs to look after for at least six months, I can finally sit down and write about my winter babies, the latest lambs I've been looking after and caring for. Don't get me wrong, I love the sheep and I adore the little lambs with all my heart, but after having to personally care for a few of them through winter, I am always pleased when the tiring business is all over and I can thoroughly enjoy my rest.
Usually, when a new lamb(s) is born, we separate the ewe with her lamb(s) and then watch for at least half an hour to see how well the lamb(s) is coping in the cold, new world. If it manages to stand on its wee little legs and is able to suckle properly, we leave the mother and baby alone to rest and recuperate. Once the lamb has settled down comfortably, we give it a little boost of selenium to help strengthen its immune system.
If the lamb does not show signs of trying to live or take any interest in…

Simba: The Beginning

Simba: The Beginning
I know it has been a very long time since I posted anything. Well, here I am now, ready to fix that. I did wonder, at first, about what I should post or how I should reactivate the blog and give it life, and after a great deal of thought, I realized that I knew not what to do.  Since good ideas occur to those who are not searching for them, I pushed my blog thoughts to the darkest part of my brain, where even a dozen flashlights cannot help me find the "stuff" stored there, and I went on with my life. True to the adage, the moment I got enmeshed in the real-life drama of being a farmer, I received a flash of inspiration: I remembered a story I had written a few years ago, a true story about a kitten named Simba.  I may have fictionalized the human characters in the story, but since they are not crucial to the storyline, I feel certain that the story has not been disadvantaged in any way. Without further ado, I present to you now, the story of Simba.

The End of Summer

Lay your head in my lap, little one A better life awaits you Close your eyes, little one Everything will be just fine Take a deep breath and let go, little one There will be no pain anymore Rest in peace, little one Nothing can hurt you now Though you deal me a cruel blow and leave an empty spot in my life.
Cry for you, I will And then Bury you, I will But I will always remember you And, I will always miss you

Oh, what a day! I came here to write a new post about the end of summer and all the lovely things I'm witnessing in nature as autumn rounds the corner, but what a drastic turn its taken! Now, I shall truly write about the end of summer, the end of the summer of little Ivory's life, the end of the summer in my heart, the end of the summer songs on my lips. (I'll be alright in a while, that I know. But for now, I grieve.)

It was a snowy morning, the morning I …